Wired vs Wireless Headset-Which Is Better?

Wired vs Wireless Headset-Which Is Better?

We’d like to point out is that not all wireless headsets use the same wireless technology with modern wireless headsets you’re presented with two options here they can either utilize Bluetooth or 2.4 gigahertz radio signals the benefits of Bluetooth are the lower price and the support for any Bluetooth enabled device this however comes at the cost of lower sound quality and shorter range the 2.4 gigahertz wireless is essentially the complete opposite headsets using.

This wireless technology have a better sound quality and a longer range but they suffer from a limited compatibility and the need to connect via their own wireless dongles in practice this means that Bluetooth headsets are a better pick if you intend to use them with multiple devices so while the sound quality will be lower by comparison we have to note that newer versions of Bluetooth offer a much better sound quality than older ones dead still worse in comparison to 2.4 gigahertz but still pretty good on the other hand.

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If you plan on using the headset exclusively on your PC then choosing 2.4 gigahertz Wireless will give you the best sound quality just remember that whatever device you’re planning to use these headsets on will need to have a USB port for the dongle and also support the headset in question now with that out of the way let’s get back to the question of wired versus wireless headsets essentially.

There are three things to keep in mind when deciding which headset is the better pic for you these are the sound quality the price and whether you rather deal with the cable or the battery life let’s start with the sound quality now before we go any deeper into this matter we have to remember that the sound quality depends on more than just the connection type the quality of the drivers plays the most crucial role here so $300 wireless headset will sound better than $100 wired one even despite the fact that pound-for-pound wired connections have the edge here another notion that.

We’d like to dispel is that of sound quality being measured by bit rates wired connections support much higher bit rates than wireless connections that’s true but the thing is these higher bit rates are in most cases unnecessary this is because digital audio rarely reaches bit rates that aren’t supported by quality wireless headsets now don’t get us wrong it’s not that bit rates don’t matter at all if you’re listening to top-quality lossless audio or analog records such as vinyl then yes you’ll need the higher bit rates and therefore a wired connection but we’re here to see which of these is better for gaming and frankly you have to be a certified audiophile to notice any difference here.

When it comes to ingame audio and mp3 files so there really is no concern not opt for a wireless headset at least as far as sound quality is concerned of course there are always other things to consider the first of which is usually the price wireless headsets may not sound discernibly worse for gaming but they sure are discernibly more expensive so the question here shifts from which one of these is better to why should I pay more for lower sound quality.

If you’re on a budget the answer is you shouldn’t especially if you’re a PC gamer you’ll be next to your computer anyway when gaming so the only benefit of going Wireless would be to have one fewer cable to worry about getting tangled up doesn’t seem like the best rate if your console gamer however then you’ll be sure to appreciate the added freedom of movement but this is already getting into the territory over third subcategory so let’s roll the transition screen first.

Okay that’s better now what this section basically boils down to is both of these types of headsets have some drawbacks wired headsets can be a real hassle to manage what with the cables tangling in the limited range of movement but at least you don’t have to worry about the battery getting out in the middle of a match and wireless headphones for all the freedom of movement they provide are still shackled by their battery life and ironically depend on cables for charging the battery life will depend on the model and how frequently and intensely they’re being used but most headset will need to recharge every couple of days or even daily in the end.

It’s entirely up to you to decide which of these is the lesser evil so when we look at all the equations what does the mat tell us is it better to use a wired or a wireless headset for gaming honestly neither is superior and it all comes down to preference but if we have to speak in general terms wired headsets are the better pick for PC gaming if nothing else they’re much more cost efficient however if you’re a console gamer or used both platforms then going Wireless is definitely the wiser move of course.

Another good question to ask yourself is whether you need a headset in the first place if headphones will suffice if you want to know more about the distinction between these two then check out the link in the description that will lead you to our video which covers this exact topic there will also be a link to the video where we list out the best wireless gaming headsets currently on the market so make sure you check that out as well.

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