What To Consider For Your 2020 Marketing Plan

What To Consider For Your 2020 Marketing Plan

I’m gonna talk to you about the biggest things you need to be thinking about for marketing planning going into 2020 going into next year I’m not just talking about digital I’m talking about the whole marketing landscape so let’s go ahead and dive into it number one TV.

TV is still out there I’m talking about regular TV it’s super important that you stay a part of television but the thing that’s happening is less people are watching TV so we’re seeing budgets go down just a little bit for television – radio is still a really important part of the mix but the thing with radio right now is people are having a very very hard time measuring it protip.

If you want to be doing radio make sure you set up a custom URL or a custom website so that you can track the traffic that’s going to that website in addition to that you can look at Google Trends by a specific region and you can find out how much of an impact radio is making on your online presence by how many people are searching for it number three billboards still a very important part of the marketing mix especially in a local market for a multi location.

Business really really important where is the area that you want to get in front of your customers and setting up billboards around there can make a major impact and also just great for growing the brand recognition sponsorships are you gonna be sponsoring trains that are driving by by putting a logo on it are you gonna be sponsoring planes that are going over the sky and having banners are you gonna be sponsoring football teams baseball teams sports in general.

Who are you gonna get behind well if you’re gonna be doing this you want to think about where your customers are where they’re spending the most time and if you can figure that out it’s always a great idea to do sponsorships it’s a way that can really really help elevate the brand perception because when you align with these other big sports teams and other assets out there it makes people think.

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This is a great brand because they’re are part of these other things that I love ok another great thing is influencer marketing while influencers are losing credibility just a little bit because they’ve been sponsoring too much stuff lately it’s still a good thing to do a really great place to check out as a spire IQ it’s a way that you can reach tons of influencers who will advertise your product for you celebrity endorsements if you have a celebrity who is the spokesperson for your product and your demographic really likes that person it brings a lot more credibility to the brand so these bigger companies still looking at celebrity endorsements who should they align with to be the best person to get their message out there and so that they can also get in front of that person’s audience.

Media buys both offline and online so online what a lot of people don’t realize is that you can buy media all these different websites out there they want you to advertise specifically with them so by using the tool like similar web or SCM rush you’re just doing some basic competitive analysis around a keyword you can find all the places online that have your customers so very very important that you think about what are all those places and what is the presence that you’re gonna have on that place are you gonna be spending a few thousand dollars hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How are you gonna get referring site traffic from these other online media outlets back to your site programmatic and OTT over-the-top television these are ways that you can basically capture a person’s metadata follow them around the web and then get them to convert using a bunch of different networks out there on the web and so what happens is you try to set a cost per acquisition target how much you’re willing to pay for a lead or a transaction and then this system just makes it happen for you now there’s a downside to this because they basically use all their inventory so you don’t really know where your ads are gonna show up it’s less on the individual site level.

It’s more on the person level so it’s gonna follow them around and get them to convert so a lot of people looking at programmatic and OTT right now it’s usually one of the last places people go in paid media they start lower funnel Google Ads Bing after that they go into social and then after that they go into you know kind of like display in these remarketing and then over the top programmatic so it’s gonna be one of the last places to go but once you have that foundation set up it’s a great way to kind of connect everything together so that the conversions happen more frequently SEO search engine optimization a really really big digital strategy that a lot of people have to do in most cases SEO search engine optimization still drives the bulk of the revenue for all of these businesses right if you look at your Google Analytics and your channel report it’s generally going to be SEO direct traffic referring site traffic paid traffic sometimes paid is above those other two and right under SEO it all depends on how new the website is and how much you’re spending and then email is usually 10 to 20 percent or so and then it kind of goes down from there into individual campaigns.

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