Start Your Forex Trading Online Business

Start Your Forex Trading Online Business

I like the progress that has been made today I have almost a full strategy that this still has to kind of optimize a little bit but it’s getting much better right now today I wanted to cover one topic that I think is really crucial from the start from like the day one that you start to train you have the to training like a business and we talk often about that but what we don’t talk about most often is how to do it what things you have to put in place so I want to share those three things that from day one you should put in place.

Those are gonna be like three steps to start successfully your TRAINING business let’s get started with the first one back when I was in college studying business and commerce one of my teachers in one thing he said something along the lines of the goal of a business is to make investment and to get that when you back and more over time and I think if you apply the same things trading that could be very powerful very often we don’t really think about investment or we what we put in we don’t we just think if we can sit there look at the monitor trade and make money but we do have to make investment and our trading business without investment it’s like selling physical product without any inventory it’s not gonna work.

Investments and training can take different forms one could be a course or a mentor you get this is an investment and hopefully we’ll get your money back and more could be also just a series of trades take to it according to your plan all of them are investment except they’re gonna be very short-term investment but you need to understand that whenever you put something there it’s not always gonna work sometimes gonna work and that’s where you gonna make most of your money all the time it’s not gonna work and that’s what you have to just get back on track and keep going and unfortunately I’ve seen many people who don’t want to invest anything in their education they feel that they can trade.


That they’re gonna figure it out a way over time like you ask people so you don’t know hot straight right now how you gonna make it happen did you say well I’ll link it up in some way like it’s gonna work I know it’s gonna work and then they they keeping me same thing over and over again without having any result and that’s very dangerous it’s like a driver who’s driving without license you know who never took any course never took anything to know how to drive but your says well.

 I’ll figure it out I’ll know how to drive but that person might be involved in a crash might have my kill people and that’s gonna be that’s gonna be really bad but the same applies for training if you don’t invest in your education or just your trades things are not gonna work out so yeah we have to understand best thing to do here is whatever you invest in something I’m gonna keep track of what’s my return on investment whenever I buy a course whenever I buy a seminar or whatever a mentor or Chertsey like okay so I paid that much for the mentor like $1,000 per month and I got $1,500 out of it from trading profit or from whatever else that I didn’t have them on before and as long as I get the profit.

I’m still willing to pay for the mentor as long as I get more from the mentor that and what I paid for why would I want to keep the method right why would I want to not have this investment and I’ll try to do that for everything and can be hard like to know exactly how much you aren’t from what thing but you get just an average if you spend $2,000 in kind of courses or education every month can you make more than $2,000 more than one before or more than like the year before if you look at the yearly basis.

That’s all there is to it so the first step is trading about investment the second step is having systems in place and when we talk about systems we can mean like habits review process is very broad you need to figure out like which process are going to be most effective and most helpful to move forward some people are gonna have different things that they do but practice is like journaling like wishing out the people doing some research if you need to those are all things that have to be done all the time and you couldn’t have a system for each of them were you do every week like things that repeat over time and those are like the pillars of the business if you skip them or if you start to say well I don’t need to do any review I don’t need to do any research.

 I’m fine I can train right now I can make money right now why would I want to do research well sooner or later you’re gonna find that you need to do those and that you have a problem because you didn’t do the these review activities or these systems so you want to define your sister from the start and then do them on a daily basis and try to rank yourself on whether or not you stick to the system or not in a third step to really start a trading business it’s gonna be connections and so many times have I got a piece of advice or an insight from someone else that I met and that’s what’s making big difference for my trading.

So you want to make connection as much as possible and that could be in trading or in non-trading like all these different things but I sometimes run a lot of people that are not in training that do something different like I was at the hospital a few days ago and I saw all these documents at the back of the of the office like everything is remembered and everything could it’s taken care of because they have all these file for every patient and think about he could have the same for you’re feeling like you have a jar or a bunch of files with your strategies you’re playing and in them it’s going to be written like what happens how you improve them.

All these things that you do on a daily basis if you can keep that like next to your desk I am powerful like powerful you can have a big big understanding of how you perform and you wanna like Pickers ideas and implement them in your training every single day I keep connect what you see to trading now it’s gonna be very powerful and those can distinguish yourself from other traders truth is not everyone thinks about that to make connections between the outside world on trading but if you can do it powerful you’re gonna make a big move forward but to recap think about investments create powerful systems in place and make connections with everything around trading to trading so I hope this makes sense I hope you guys got some value.