Push Notifications Should You Try For Marketing?

Push Notifications Should You Try For Marketing?

Push notifications can be a couple different forms so what I’m talking about today is browser-based push notification so a notification that comes in on Chrome for example that pops up usually on the bottom right hand corner of the screen and has a call to action if you’re subscribed to our push notifications you’ll see that whenever I do a new podcast that podcast goes out.

It goes out to a lot of people over 50,000 people get our push notifications now and that’s a big deal right that’s a big distribution list that’s been built up in a very short amount of time it actually only took about 30 days to build up that push notification list to over 50,000 in addition to that we see really really high open rates so an open rate for a push can be between anywhere between 50% and 30% and click-through rates anywhere between 5% and 10% depending on how great the call to action is so when you hear those numbers you understand that.

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Push notifications can be really really powerful as a distribution source so the more traffic you have the more people who are coming to your website there’s a huge opportunity to build a list with push notifications and oftentimes you’ll get a really high opt-in rate too so while email opt-in rates might be in the three-percent range or the five percent range or the one percent range depending on the type of business you have with a push notification the opt-in rates can be much much higher.

They can be in the twenty to thirty percent range depending on the type of traffic that you have and where you’re firing the push notifications and the call to action that you have for people to sign up so really powerful numbers for push notification so now that I’ve kind of sold you on that or at least given you some information let me now talk a little bit about the execution of push notifications and what you need to know okay so generally they’ll be an automated welcome message that has to do with the push notification.

So thank you you’re now subscribed to push notifications that are going to come from us but in addition to that you can do something else called a waterfall so what is a waterfall well a waterfall is a series of automated messages that come in through the push notification and this can be anything you want it could be sign up for the newsletter it could be check out this video series on search engine optimization it could be you know sign up for this course it could be you know like us on Facebook or subscribe to our YouTube channel anything you want right.

There’s a whole thing around automation sequences and how you should approach those I’m not going to go into now but the waterfall push notification is really really powerful because you can get somebody into a sequence you can also drive them nuts and have them opt out I’m gonna kind of circle back to that in a minute another thing you can do is you can do just simple one-off notification so one-off notifications are when you set up an automated push and you just treat it basically like you would an email newsletter.

In this case you can do product promotions you can use services you can do content marketing you can do updates anything you want right and there’s a lot of different ways to structure that now the final thing that you can do with push notifications that a lot of people do is you can just set it up so it automatically pushes out so that’s kind of an interesting thing that you can do so if you want you can set up your blog’s RSS feeds so that it automatically sends out push notifications once a week once a day once a month you name it.

It can be at a certain time now that’s what a lot of people do because they get kind of lazy and they don’t want to take the time to properly manage their push notifications and it turns into pretty good amount of traffic so for us I did a two-week test where I set up push notifications that went out the same time every day at 10:00 a.m. and it just pulled from our blog and by doing that we were able to generate thousands and thousands of more visitors returning visitors back to our blog within that couple week time frame so really really powerful and you know for us we get about 200,000 visitors a month.

Growing if you have millions of visitors a month that number could be much much bigger another thing you might want to know about push notifications is often the push notification service provider so the platform that you’re actually using what they’ll do is they’ll clean the list for you so if somebody is not responding they’re not opening they haven’t been engaged for a long time they’ll automatically take them off the list also people can clear their cache and they can unsubscribe anytime they can go in they can turn off notifications or delete you as somebody who’s allowed within a browser such as Chrome so what’s the final word on push notifications well for me I feel like they’re really really powerful.

But you could also make people pretty upset if they don’t realize what they’re opting into so for example I turned on ignite visibility push notifications on my wife’s computer and she didn’t like that very much right so make sure that you know if at all possible when you have people opting in they really know what they’re getting into also you know you don’t want to just be sending them too much stuff on to consistent of a basis so once a day like I was doing is kind of a lot once a week might be a little bit better or just building it up.

Using a more targeted approach it’s gonna allow you to have more sustainability but I’m happy that you can learn from a little bit from some of the different tests that I’ve done in this video so that you can handle it correctly at the end of the day I feel like pretty much every website should have a push notification strategy I see no reason why you wouldn’t want to build a big list and then use it for those important things like holiday promotions important content marketing you know promoting events that you’re having it just makes sense right so push notifications should definitely be something that are on your roadmap this year that’s it for this ignite visibility.

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