Maria Name Meaning In Urdu and English - With Details

Maria Name Meaning In Urdu and English – With Details

Maria Name Meaning In Urdu and English – With Details

Maria is a Muslim Girl Name, Her Meaning Is A Ambitious and desirous, proud, lofty, sharp, bitter, lofty, Religion Islam, Gender Girl, The Language Is Arabic, Lucky Days Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Lucky Number Is 8, Lucky Stone Is Green Gemstone, Lucky colors Are Golden, orange, red, And Fine Metal is Copper, Maria is a five-letter feminine name.

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Maria Name Meaning In Urdu – With Details
Meaning and Background:

The most critical element of somebody’s personality and distinctiveness is their name. Kindness, loyalty, and honesty are essential elements frequently appearing in name explanations and are extremely well respected. Nobel, Woman with exceptional attributes, Positive personality woman,” is the essence of the girl’s name. Maria is a wonderful girl’s name. Maria is a lovely and short name; even girls like Maria have attractive characters It is considered one of the most elegant Muslim peoples, and elders appreciate offering their girls this name as a lasting identifier.

According to its mathematical prediction, the lucky number associated with the given name Maria is 8. Due to its symbolic meanings, this name has become synonymous with the religion “Islam” and is commonly used among many Muslims. The trendiest girl names feature Maria pretty typical. It is the most desirable baby girl name because of how simple it is to speak. It is among the most well-liked Muslim girl names to enable girls to grow beautiful identities. Many parents around the globe also select the name Maria because it comes with an alluring name significance.


One of the most crucial key obligations of parenting is picking a meaningful Muslim name for your newborn. Are you thinking of giving your baby girl a Maria Name? You can choose the perfect ones from this collection for your newborn baby.

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