iPhone 11 Pro Max - Review

iPhone 11 Pro Max – Review

Today we’re talking about my first 48 hours with the iPhone 11 Pro max and I gotta say this thing is pretty damn phenomenal so let’s talk about some of the things that I really really like about the iPhone 11 Pro first off we’re gonna jump into camera because that is a big one for me anyways and I assuming for a lot of people out there that buy iPhones because typically speaking they have some pretty darn good cameras on them so admittedly when I first saw this triple camera set up in the renders and stuff like that like everybody you just always think oh man this thing looks terrible but once you get it in hand this trifecta this little square right here actually looks pretty nice.

I think they did a pretty good job making it look clean and balanced now I can’t see the same thing for the iPhone 11 cuz it still just looks a little weird having the same square but only two lenses on one side anyway that’s a different topic for a different video but the cam performance on this is pretty awesome now one thing I do want to address on the back of the iPhone 11 Pro is that ultra wide-angle lens because that thing is freaking awesome and before all of Android people jump on me I know I’ve used Y ultra wide-angle lenses on other smartphones before too and I like them just as much but I just think it’s nice to see.

I phone have one of these now it’s not the greatest camera in all conditions like definitely by no means is the ultra wide-angle lens one you should use all the time but it does have very specific awesome uses might I add and one of those videos the one thing that I do like about the wide-angle lens on the back of the eye 11pro max or the pro is just that I’m like I’m literally holding this maybe a foot and a half away from my face and you can see the whole environment.

I don’t have to use like a special lens or anything like that I can just bring my iPhone with me I don’t even have to use a front-facing camera because I know that it’s facing me but I’m all in the shot I don’t worry about Franco now obviously like I said it’s not the best in all conditions and definitely one of those conditions it’s not the best in is when it comes to low-light performance especially for video not not the greatest but once you step on just white it actually works out okay so I’m a big fan of the wide angle lens nonetheless it is pretty freakin awesome and let’s talk about night mode as well because that is a definitely a game changer for iPhone all around I think night mode works exceptionally well and I just there’s really not much more to say about it it it does.

I hate to use this phrase just to work obviously night mode is amazing especially when you compare it to stuff that the iPhone 10s would spit out the 11pro definitely does it good if you want to see some of the full resolution images that I shot with the iPhone 11 Pro I will definitely be sure to leave a link in the description for you to a gallery where you can do so but overall fantastic camera here one thing I do happen to really like about this phone here is the fact that we have 4k video on the front facing camera like I think that that’s awesome we finally can shoot 4k video on the front camera so you don’t have to you know use the backside.

If you don’t want to you still get that same quality along with that we do have slow-motion video on the front camera as well it’s it’s not something that I’ve really felt the urge to take advantage of hmm I should take a slow fee first of all slow fee no second okay it’s pretty cool but it’s just not something that I’m drawn to so let’s talk about a couple of things surrounding the front of the phone first off face ID is improved and that is not an exaggeration like face ID is stupid fast I will take face ID on the iPhone 11 Pro over any fingerprint sensor any day all day even touch ID it just it puts everything to shame the thing is instant like literally instantaneous and you’re not sacrificing the security as well because it is I think more secure than a lot of other face ID captures on other phones but that is a whole different thing to talk about we also do have an update to the display here now this is a six point five inch display.

It’s pretty awesome it has a resolution of 24 26 by 11 25 and it also features a 2 min to 1 contrast ratio it has 800 minutes of brightness and 1200 it’s a brightness for HDR it’s just pretty dang awesome all around now one thing I did notice and obviously I knew about this in keynote but using it day to day right there’s no 3d touch anymore that is rest in peace that is gone but we do have have to touch like we saw on the iPhone 10 art it turns out that it’s I mean more or less is just as good like.

I use 3d touch for little things here and there and the places that I do use it I didn’t notice really too much of a difference not having it there it was one of the reasons why I continued to use the 10s max over the 10r because I did like some of those things but it just it works fine in my opinion now let’s talk about the design here for a second some people are like oh I don’t like the camera thing or it doesn’t look different enough I think that it’s pretty cool I mean I really really really do like the textured matte finish on the back I think that is a very classy touch.

I’ve liked it on other phones before it looks exceptional on the iPhone as well I think it’s good all around but real quick while we’re talking about design I want to give a shout out to ESR for sponsoring the channel I talked about this case in my previous cases in accessories video this is the mimic tempered glass case yes there’s tempered glass on the back of this case and we have a rubber bumper around this.

It just it gives you a premium feel like in your hand with the glass on your fingers you know I think it makes a difference and then also we have the rubber bumper to add some grip to that as well I do also have their screen protector on here as well honestly both of these are must-have pickups if you have an iPhone 11:11 Pro or 11 Pro max I will leave a link below for you if you want to check out this case or the screen protector for yourself so let’s talk about the performance right and we have the a 13 Bionic chip inside of here.

I mean obviously when you first take a phone out of the box especially an iPhone for the first while it’s pretty dang fast I mean this is a fast chip there’s little things that are happening in the background that you’ll never fully comprehend or grasp because it’s happening without you knowing that uses the performance in this chip but on the other side of that I mean I’ll take a faster chip right like that’s that’s okay with me but I think I’m gonna have to kind of look at this long-term and see how that works out now in terms of performance when it relates to battery life.

I think that you’re getting the best of both worlds here stupid fast phone and also very very good battery life like this definitely far out lasts my iPhone 10s max like without a doubt I I definitely think that this is a winner all around in the battery life Department with that battery life I mean Apple actually did a bold thing this year they made the phone a little bit thicker to put a bigger battery inside of it like thank you whoever out there is listening because I will take a thicker phone with a bigger battery all day long now when it comes to recharging that battery oh my goodness oh my they finally included a fast charger in the box it’s about damn time right we have the 18 watt USB type-c wall charger that you actually with the iPad pro and also you get the USB type-c 2 lightning cable so you can actually fast charge this thing which is awesome like finally.

I am so happy about that but it’s definitely something we should have had quite a while ago now I picked up the 256 gigabyte model of the 11 Pro max I’m kind of shocked that they actually sell a 64 gigabyte version of this phone especially you know Phil Schiller was on stage saying Pro like we were having a drinking game going on but I don’t I pick up the 256 version because I looked at my 10s max and I was like 81 gigabytes of storage so I was in that awkward spot worked one 28 would make sense but 64 doesn’t someday when they put microSD card expansion in the iPhone the the heavens will rise and all the people will sing in a choir of glory. I just we finally got the fast charger right now aside from you know all the hardware upgrades that we have here we got a new camera we got a better display we have a nice matte finish on the back we got a fast charger in the box things like that I think that one of the more noticeable feature upgrades to this phone is not actually an upgrade to this phone instead upgrade to a lot of phones I like iOS 13 a lot now

I’m not going to make this a video about iOS 13 and how great it is but there are a lot of features included in that if you haven’t seen some of the new features but it’s got a lot going on I mean it definitely makes the phone a better phone like you could upgrade your 10s max to iOS 13 and have a very very similar experience maybe not the ultra wide-angle maybe not the battery life etc. But iowa’s 13 is a big part of the iPhone 11 pro but here’s the thing with the pro name and this goes for any phone that’s added pro to their name when I buy a piece of pro equipment like the camera I’m shooting on right now I definitely plan to keep it around for for a while you know three to five years maybe something like that until something substantially better comes along but Apple and all these other companies they push out phones every year so is the next phone gonna be Pro er than this one I mean we’re not talking about pro equipment we’re talking about a label that’s put on a phone that makes it more desirable I guess to to the general public it’s the 11pro not the 11 it’s better than the 11 because it’s pro right the whole pro thing kind of it’s just getting a little tiring at the end of the day but I don’t know I want to know what you think about the iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro.

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