Digital Media Buying For Marketing

Digital Media Buying For Marketing

I’m gonna talk to you about a new concept that’s evolving more and more which is the idea of a digital marketing media buy for your company so when it comes to online marketing there’s a lot of traffic out there on the internet right there’s traffic all over the place tons of websites have traffic so how do you get that relevant traffic back to your site when you know you can’t really MIT necessarily run a Google Display ad there or they’re not connected to an ad network.

When they’re kind of holding onto this traffic themselves and you want to get access to that well one great way to do that is through a media Buy so what is a media Buy well a media buy and media planning is this idea that you find all the different places that your customers are online and then you reach out to these individual websites to ask them for pricing for the types of offers that they have now when it comes down to the types of offers that they have most of these websites will offer things like banner advertising.

They will offer the ability to run ads on specific posts they will offer the ability to do a sponsored post they will offer the ability to advertise in an email newsletter so just like if you’re going into a new market for offline advertising and you want to buy billboard ads in the key area where demographic is that’s what’s going on online right now right so people are investing more and more in this and it’s a great way to drive more product sales to drive more leads.

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But you really have to know how to do it and there’s a very strategic way to go about it okay so when it comes to online media buys one of the great places to start is to first just start kind of googling around and trying to find all the top sites in your industry but after that another good thing to do is to use similar web or SCM rush to put in your competitors and find all the different sources of referring site traffic that are being sent to them that’s gonna give you a good idea of a bunch of different places that you can reach out to now after you have this list of all these different places.

It’s really a manual process and that’s why a lot of people will use an agency like ignite visibility ourselves or they will put somebody internally on it to do a lot of research and this actually used to be one of my jobs at a company that I worked for long before ignite visibility was to do the media planning but basically you find what are these core 10 sites what type of offers do they have you analyze each offer you find out the amount of traffic it would send the amount of potential click-through rates and cost per click and conversions you would get and then based off of that you actually build a business model around each one of these individual assets right.

You know within some type of range the amount of sales that you’re gonna get and why why you’re gonna be doing it right you tie into the KPIs and then if you can do that and you can scale that across 10 different assets it is a great way to build substantial sales to a business okay so recently we’ve been doing some media buys for some some larger companies who want to get some big spikes and sales.

We’ll go go buy a sponsored post specifically so let’s talk a little bit about how a sponsored post works so you reach out to the website they’ll write an article for you and the article is gonna cost anywhere between 5,000 all the way up to $100,000 right and there’s there’s there’s a little bit of wiggle room there in some cases it might be you know 10 or some cases it might be $700 if it’s a smaller site and then what you can assume is that this website has X amount of traffic but only about 30 or 40 percent of the visitors each month are actually going to see the post right.

 If 30 or 40 percent of the visitors actually see the post and then there’s only a click-through rate of about 10 percent and then a conversion rate of about half a percent and then you know how much money you make off of East each conversion you can use that to build a business model to do sponsored posts with each of these sites now in a lot of cases there’s additional benefits they’ll do things like also promote you to their social media promote you in their email newsletter.

You can get even more exposure than just the website traffic but generally the website traffic is the main place to look to build that business model for yourself one final thought on media buys almost every single one of these websites will give you some type of metrics that you can work with they’ll tell you a little bit about past history and past successes so make sure to take advantage of that and ask them for that information.

So that’s it for media bias today it’s a big topic it’s one that’s by quite a bit I believe with any good digital marketing campaign this should be an element of it influencer marketing should be an element of it advertising online advertising paid media Google Facebook should definitely be an element content marketing email marketing making sure you’re doing all these things together and you’re scaling them because by doing that you can continue to grow your business and get the results that you’re looking for.

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