What is Dengue Fever?Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral infection it is a viral disease transmitted by mosquito bite yes this it causes a severe flu-like illness sometimes leads to severe ding you to recognize during 1950s in Philippines and Thailand and today it is a pandemic it affects Asian and Latin American countries life cycle of dengue virus involves mosquito as a transmitter and humans are is the main victim of source of infection dear friends it is very simple dengue fever is a viral infection fever it transmits through mosquito bite that is yes mosquito let us see and mosquito-borne this is caused by the dengue virus this leads to symptoms begin 3 to 14 days after infection since it is a viral infection there will be incubation period that means if a person is bitten by a mosquito of dengue virus at the virus will enter into the body and it will be incubated for 3 to 14 days after that only patient will show symptoms of dengue fever what are the symptoms high fever headache vomiting muscle.

Joint pains characteristics English friends so there will be in severe dengue hemorrhagic fever there’s a chance of bleeding that plasma leakage dengue shock syndrome dangerously low TB the signs and symptoms of dengue fever yes we have flu-like symptoms yes and ding you breakbone fever affects all ages friends cities there is no age difference of this thing you fever it all atheists means children adults.

All these people all are affected by dingey virus the clinical features vary according to the age of the patient but then when to suspecting you fever dear friends don’t see you a sudden onset of fever that is 40 degree centigrades are more than one or for foreign heats and go far in butit’s we’re headache there will be fewer headaches and pain behind the eyes patient will suffer with nausea and vomiting and there is a swollen glands muscle and joint pains his friends there is a severe muscle pains.

This is also known as break bone pcs day because patient suffers with lot of teens muscle and joint pains will be dead so this this is also known as breakbone fever thingy is also known as breakbone fever what else yes friends do you find – hello the body you would find rash rate the small I just like rash you will find Espenson Thank You hemorrhagic fever after four to ten days of incubation period symptom lost for how many days seven days for up to two to seven days there will be all these symptoms severe dengue is potentially deadly complication due to so if not treated well then that leads to severe ding you you are where you will find severe abdominal pain and persistent vomiting rapid breathing reading gums his friends.

 You’ll find bleeding gums bled in vomit at again restlessness dear friends once you feel all these symptoms go for hospitalization for the next 24 to 48 hours the critical stage can be little the proper metal carry is needed to avoid risk of death constant is complaining severe abdominal pain persistent vomiting rapid dating bleeding in gums Laden vomit at again this lessness go for relation a minute off circulation is required then we magic fever next is of dengue fever dear friends this thing if you are usually three phases funny step 9 phase the second one is critical phase and third one is recovery phase so during febrile phase is one sudden onset fever will be there headache more than most bleeding muslin giant penis they will be prompting a rash for the body the area yes Prince loose motions will be there yes hypotension in second stage.

Will of potential means blood pressure will decrease pleural effusion spends ascites gastrointestinal bleeding and what is the third phase Sprint’s altered level of consciousness Caesar since there is a chance of and itching all over the body slow heart rate this is rhetoric this is known as out of phase yes friends etiology and mode of spread of dengue fever difference etiology buzzer is this is expressed as of this is is dengue virus what is the cost dengue virus and it is of 4-0 types it is not one you virus it is of four types then you one two three and four and the genus of these viruses flavivirus and family of these irises flabby very day from these four Asian genotypes of gingivitis two and three are frequently associated especially this is accompanying second treating infections the viruses are two human beings rights of an infective female eats mosquito which mainly acquires the virus while feeding on the blood of an infected person a mosquito bites a new patient  that skeeto takes iris from the day incubation.

When that affected mosquito bites a normal person the person that healthy person will be affected with this this is ty mosquito bites during daytime three-day time so if friends please protect your body it cool clothing what is the pathology what happens exactly you fever when mosquito bites a person virus enters with its saliva friends so they buy into WBC that virus enters into W is here and there WBC that is white blood cells its virus reproduce inside the sales and dumps number of viruses will be increased response to virus let me see what we do is it produces cytokines and interference which will fit this iris in the is differential cytokines causes flu-like symptoms that is fever.

Severe pains in severe infection affects different bone marrow can be affected fluid from great vessels leak into body cavities at the result happens will be less supply of play the fatal arrogance means there will be no blood supply to being and hard to less them it allowance what happens then there is a chance of that more in this this is it effects even bone marrow in bone marrow what is produced platelets for there is a chance of decreasing function of these platelets these platelets are nothing but blood clotting Saints and under day this this is God s blood vessels leak and there is chance of platelet counts down peak age will continue and there is no question of putting leads to severe no row plus a patient dying in another ways Sprint’s World Health Organization in 2009 has a bit too tight that is uncomplicated.

Severe even severe yes friends there is a dengue marriage experience you shock syndrome or else this marriage if you are divided further into four great state one is a simple guru Singh fever positive tourniquet test in some way on with fever this is grade 1 grade 2 is the presence of taneous bleeding into the skin where III is a clinical evidence of shop there is a with a really great for charge so severe that great pressure and skin not to be detected that means great three and four are refers class English ox in Rome the offense once not rated bring one and A two and a teaspoon and for egg gnosis s prince as soon as patient comes to a doctor Praveen observed don’t sign physical examination of torn aqui estan aqui test is done for rash and physical examination and symptoms if the symptoms matches with.

If you ever go for complete black picture if you will find the load of the B’s account low platelet counts you find this what of the base and low platelets immediately go for HTML IgG test ELISA test but retest of this IgM and IgG confirms or indicates dengue virus infection this you can go further while reading a test weight test detects in you virus are one can go for nucleic acid amplification test or antigens test of ns1 antigen test.

When it comes to IgM and IgD if it is IgM and today’s IgG test is positive but IgM test is negative means obviously that person was infected with you in Syria this is what happens yes friends see where this is there is a plasma leakage and this results hemo centration reading haematocrit that means in blade there is a plasma there is no plasma whole blade that is red cells three more friends and that concentration leads to rising hematocrit and that leads to hypo Romania and there will be a pleural effusions or ascites this can be detected by ultrasound sound test yes friends and this identifies new syndrome about diagnosis then friend shall diagnosis.

When a patient comes with a new leg symptoms are symptoms it is difficult to distinguish between chikungunya but has to flout malaria general symptoms will be there in malaria if two spiro sees typhoid fever vs friends typhoid fever also the high temperature and all meningococcal disease these four disease must be pulled out by differential diagnosis go for malaria test and leptospirosis test typhoid test and meningococcal disease if you find these days are negative kids it’s a dengue virus prognosis is nothing but chances of Tori yes friends most people within you record without any ongoing problems if the patient is healthy.

Subjected with only dengue virus the chance of recovery the chance is very high mortality rate is about one to five percent if we were those who develop significantly lower breakage patient seemed to low blood pressure is then fatality rate that is mortality rate is very high that is 26% of these hens die is how promises of dengue fever let’s manage friends there any this week drugstore if we were friends there is no specific drugs for dengue fever yes it is a viral infection.

There is no specific term what to do just a new temperature yes you can take the set Amal with doctors advice maintaining proper fluid balance it is very very important friends since the patient is suffering with temperature you flew with balanced view plenty of water to drink treatment depends on symptoms if the patient complains itching and rash can give distal means no warning signs there is no whomping speeding can be managed at for oral rehydration.

If you find wanting and in science like here amnell pain thing patient must be hospitalized especially severe cases must be as fertilized in in silk a unit that is ICU if that patient will be with intravenous hydration that is IV fluids really painful for two days in the bay in suitcase unit please quite severe cases blood transfusion is initiated in the case of a decreasing hematocrit decreasing hematocrit means already plasma leakage is there so but a transfusion what is what greater has to be transfused packet red blood cells are cold blood is recommended then the don’ts during you fever dear friends think dengue fever it is not advisable to use nasal gastric incubation what happens a soft instruction of this ng intubation tube may cause tomorrow a plastic plates to eating in your loaf agus don’t go for nan so gastric intubation what else intramuscular injections don’t go for injections because if your punctures also don’t go for other functions be avoided because there is a chance of eating same time though in claims of pain is won’t take a proven and aspirin because these non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs of lead to bleeding there is a risk of bleeding already patient is suffering with dengue fever.

If you take this in assets what’s the lien use of platelets and fresh frozen plasma usually not advisable previous this is friends eat will be used to do these platelets and frozen plasma but to know it is not advisable it is best to take blade red blood cells visa for comes under management all requires cuk that means it must be hospitalized as soon as date the dengue fever friends and what to do is there any vaccine difference in 2016 and partially effective vaccine approved chilly available in Philippines Indonesia Mexico Brazil sorry cars in the poor way in Europe and United States but it is not available throughout the world it is chilly effective and it only be used what limitations to be used Lesley infected with dengue infection with one zero type that is the person yes we did with ding u10 type person can be given vaccine but the person who is not eating you virus not advisable to this you seen worse ends in 20 confections the cost of this is yes dollars up to not seven dollars Indonesia and it is epi doses are recommended what to do prevention is better than cure dear friends the wo recommends fie ailments vector control program what is the vector yes mosquito is the main vector r kc social mobilization in legislation yes when social awareness must be there collaboration between health workers and public related approach in space decision-making adequate response and prevention dear friends how to prevent this elimination of egypt i habitats that means being containers of water by draining out all contaminated water are be in doubt adding insecticides and biological control gopher decides and ballast to control agents and reducing open collections of water to avoid mosquito bites by wearing full clothing dear friends f full clothing and use mosquito netting dear friends this is the best way to prevent it oh by those electoral a lens to avoid dough bites these are all the preventive measures friends is aware of dengue fever by avoiding mosquito bite.

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