10 Ways To Get More Customers for your Business

10 Ways To Get More Customers for your Business

I’m gonna teach you about ten different ways that you can get more customers then you know what to do with online.

Item number one LinkedIn ads if you go in and set up the LinkedIn in mail ads where you are emailing thousands and thousands of people that are in your Specific demographic the exact people that you want to target you’re gonna get a click-through rate or an open rate That’s about twenty percent and a click-through rate.

That’s you know two to five percent Depending on how good of a job you’ve done with Creating that email and then that’s gonna result in people coming in and learning about your business and eventually you’re gonna get more prospects from that pipeline.

That’s gonna snowball into more customers knocking at your door

Item number three Interview your potential customers in some type of media So set up a podcast interview them for your blog interview them for your vlog But set up a process where you are interviewing people that you want to do business with and that’s gonna attract them to you They’re gonna watch your stuff They’re gonna share your stuff and they’re gonna be interested in what you’re doing and potentially want to be a client.

Item number four Facebook Ads, but when it comes to Facebook Ads, you have to have an amazing piece of creative  so make sure that you put in the time to make a piece of creative that people are gonna respond to Professional video ads are the way to go generally you’re going to want to upload a current customer list create a look-alike audience and then create a 10% look-alike audience from that customer list and then serve video ads to those people and when they interact with that video You’re gonna want to serve them a series of additional remarketing ads to get them further and further down into the funnel with a 60 to 120 day window so that more and more of those people are converting over time people Don’t just click and convert all the time nowadays for some businesses.

There’s a longer sales cycle So make sure that you’re putting that in place with your remarketing ads.

Number five get an email list and do outreach you can go and buy a list of pretty much anybody you want Online nowadays so find your exact customer get an email list of all those customers and do outreach to them And either put together personalized emails for each individual one or do it a little bit more mass whatever you’re comfortable with and Eventually more and more people are going to respond as they have the pain point that your business can help with.

Item number six Send them direct mail direct mail still works. Really really well for many businesses So if you’ve written a book or if you’ve just created a cool package or if you’re just gonna send them a personalized letter Do it direct mail people.

When they see that over time are eventually going to want to interact with you and sign up so Don’t count out direct mail and if you can get that same list that you’re emailing and then send people direct mail and then Email them as well and then follow up with a phone call and try to set up a meeting That’s a great way to get more customers.

Item number seven get ranked for a top term in Google So for us when we are ranked for a top term around a service we get in more leads than we can handle so search engine Optimization getting ranked in Google for a top term that’s gonna have people coming in.

Learning about you coming in and filling out leads on a consistent basis So SEO still amazing way to generate new customers.

Item number eight create something that they really want and then promote it and they’re gonna come to you so whether that’s a book whether that’s a webinar where you’re unveiling a secret whether that is some type of event that you’re hosting for free where they’re gonna come Create some type of thing that people want and then give it away and then get them into your pipeline so make sure that you’re creating something and then getting somebody into a funnel so you can follow up with them and then eventually Have them become a customer.

Item number nine another great way to get more customers and you know what to do with  Channel sales, so go out there and find all the businesses that are as similar to you as possible But are not competitors who have the same clients and set up a program with them so that they want to send you business So whether you’re giving them some referral fee or whether they’re just sending you stuff because you’re gonna send them back stuff Setting up channel sales on a consistent basis can be really big for a business.

Item number 10 in my last item today go out and buy another business a smaller business or a larger business Whatever somebody who has the customers that you want that you can bring in and you can cross sell you can look at their net income you can use that and Potentially reduce some expenses and then use a net income to pay off the amount that you have to pay this person back, right?

There’s a whole business model and a way to go about Valuing businesses and then paying people back for businesses in ways that can make a lot of financial sense in many cases So buying a business another great way just to get a lot more customers very quickly Alright, so those are ten sneaky ways to get more customers than you know what to do with some general stuff But if you put them in play, it’s really gonna work out well for you.

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