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How to Decorate an Awkward Corner

By 10/12/20235 Comments

Do you have a corner that you’re not sure how to decorate? In most homes, breakfast nooks, offices, and landings often have a corner as the central focal point of the space. Let’s talk about how to hang the art and layer up the space so it’s no longer an awkward corner.

Corner gallery wall

Libertyn Interiors

This week’s colour rescue features an office space that I restyled recently. I transformed this room from functional and flat to fabulous and fun – and, still functional, I might add (below).

Office before

The key to styling success in this space was first, adding some much needed colour! But it was equally important to create interest on the corner wall that is the first thing you see when you enter the room.  

Well, to be clear, after we rearranged the bookshelves so they weren’t the first thing we could see, the corner wall then became much needed focal point for this dark and dreary office located in the middle of the home across from the stairwell.

Add lamps to dark corners

light for the landing

And while we’re on the subject of stairwells. . . if you have a dark one that you pass through all the time, I give you permission to keep light on somewhere that gives it a glow. And in this case, the powder room light could also stay on all day long so when you’re walking through here throughout the day, it still feels inviting.

I know, I know I am OBSESSED with creating atmosphere, haha.

However, if you have a dark corner in your house that will NEVER be bright, having a lamp on at all times just feels welcoming. As we begin to enter the late fall/winter months, I encourage you to try this in your home.

How to Decorate an Awkward Corner

Ok back to decorating a corner.

Double workstation before

It’s not uncommon to have a room where the main focal point is a corner. Like this double duty office space (above) where the upper corner cabinets felt way too heavy. I’m also showing this transformation in the video! 

Maybe you’re avoiding an awkward spot in your home, because what the heck can you do with a corner?

A lot actually!

Often it’s the tightest, most seemingly awkward spaces that become the most fun with a little decorating!

Colour Rescue

Check out this week’s colour rescue to see how I transformed these both these spaces and much more!


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  • Maria, I love this post. As an artist I would add the importance of supporting local or online artists with a purchase of at least one special piece. Adding original art to a collection over time makes it affordable. And visiting a gallery or art fair makes a fun outing. Thanks.

  • Noel says:

    What is the hanger you use that leaves only a pin prick hole?

  • DeeDee says:

    Loved this! It encouraged me to get going on some blank walls. They are coming to life!

    I know some insta followers didn’t agree with using big box, mass produced art. Sometimes I’ve used it as a temporary filler, then replaced it with something by a real artist (or by me!). I figure, why leave a spot empty when it might take years to find the right original art for the space?

    Bathrooms, I always have temporary, disposable, or easily replaced art. (Steam!)

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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