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Make more money with an eDesign business model that works.

With this ADVANCED online colour consulting course you’ll learn how the Killam Colour System helps you overcome the biggest obstacle facing most designers: getting colour right ONLINE.

Today my eDesign business brings in a minimum of $50,000 a month. But as an early adopter of eDesign, I had to build the plane while flying it. With this NEW course, you won’t have to.

Not only will you get a deep dive into my eDesign business model, you’ll also gain a powerful edge in the online design business so YOU can start making more money through eDesign.

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Money On Table

Start making REAL MONEY with lucrative eDesign colour consultations.

Maybe you’re tired of traveling home to home for projects and you want to finally stop STRESSING over how to make consistent money in your business without working countless hours.

You know your aesthetic and specific skill set has value to potential clients far beyond your local reach.

You also know that eDesign is a rapidly emerging way to expand your business by accessing your ideal clients anywhere, but you are having trouble keeping up.

And let’s be real. Simply adding affiliate links to furniture and decor alone isn’t going to pay the bills.

You’re looking for a powerful business model to help you develop your own lucrative online colour and design services.

You need step-by-step guidance, templates, workflows and support to finally get your design business hitting those revenue goals you dream of.

Good. You are in the right place.

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Business of eDesign

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Successful Students

Insider Tips to Scale Your Own Profitable eDesign Business

This course is the essential orientation to the emerging world of eDesign for everyone – whether you are an experienced professional or a new designer just getting your business started. 

You’ll see all the steps I personally took to transition my business from in-person consultations to almost exclusively online colour design consultations AND increased my design income ten-fold. 

This course will guide you step-by-step from getting your business started to creating a niche to growing your leads online. 

You’ll also learn everything you need to know when it comes to managing clients online (including scripts handling various client situations), all the way to scaling your business and hiring a team.

Now that I’ve completed THOUSANDS of eDesign consultations, you can learn from my hits and misses.

Most importantly though, it’s the ONLY course that will teach you how to make accurate colour recommendations ONLINE. Colour is a major challenge for most eDesigners, especially without seeing rooms and finishes in person.

This is why most eDesigners specify furniture, not colour.

Specifying colour ONLINE will give you a valuable EDGE over the competition, and help you build a business model that makes you more money.

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See Colour Right

Here’s what you’ll learn
in these 8 self-guided video lessons:

  • Get an inside look at my powerful business model to help you package your own lucrative online colour and design services, with several billing strategies and examples.
  • Gain a better understanding for how my system gives you credibility (and the ultimate edge) when working with eDesign clients with clear and concise communication examples.
  • Discover how to guide your clients with specific instructions for taking and sharing the right photos so you can accurately see their homes, without ever stepping foot in them.
  • Unlock the best tips for managing communication with clients, including example eDesign slides, emails, hand-outs, scripts, forms, and more.
  • Learn how to manage specific challenges with online clients as well as how to create tailored processes without starting from scratch every time.
  • Learn how to niche your expertise so you can design a business in a way that’s unique to you, reliable and profitable AND propels your business forward.
  • See EXACTLY how I assemble my eDesign presentations and back up my advice with the reasons WHY my recommendations are the best choice.
  • Get the best resources for how to anticipate objections by including valuable support content that breaks it down for your clients, just like I do.
  • Understand how to resolve grumpy client feedback and how these situations are valuable for growing and improving your processes, including some real-life examples I ran into while starting my eDesign business.
  • Learn how to LOVE design again by creating an online business that fills you with joy without relying on trendy, unsustainable tactics.
What You'll Get

Here's What You'll Get

Take a deep dive into my successful eDesign business model so you can hit the ground running in half the time.

($897 Value)

Sourcing: How to Choose and Compare Colour Online

($97 Value)

Develop your expertise so you can charge what you're worth INSTEAD of trading time for money or get bossed around by clients who don't fit your niche.

($497 Value)

Discover the magic behind getting the photos you need to see colour accurately so you can run your business location independent and take clients from anywhere in the world.

($297 Value)

Uncover a proven processes for communicating effectively with your eDesign clients with REAL EXAMPLES and scripts.

($397 Value)

Establish Your Expertise: How to Anticipate and Handle Objections


How to Guide Your Client to Effective Testing

($397 Value)

BONUS: eDesign Customer Service: How to Handle Upset Customers

($497 Value)

Total Value: $3,079

Only: $1,997

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Business Of eDesign - Maria Killam

If you’re interested in eDesign, I’m sharing EVERYTHING inside this course.

There’s a shift happening in the design world but that doesn’t mean eDesign is only for the savvy few or those with the most social media fame.

Your aesthetic and specific skill set has value to potential clients far beyond your local reach. It’s truly the best way to EXPAND and GROW your design business right now.

And, when you know how to specify colour accurately online (with ease) you are already well ahead of the curve in the eDesign business niche.

This advantage is priceless. 

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This course is backed by my 14-day happiness guarantee. Take a full 14 days to explore the first (1) video lesson inside this course to get a feel for the lessons… And THEN make a decision using the information YOU HAVE, rather than the information you don’t on whether or not you want to continue.

Everything about the eDesign business model that I’ve learned, tested and perfected is packed into this course. And, it comes with free lifetime access. Watch the lessons at your own pace.

Please note: If you go past the 1st video lesson inside of the Business of eDesign (titled “Successful eDesign Models”) you will not be granted a refund.

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