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Colour Rescue: Help! My Bathroom has 3 Different Undertones

By 08/31/20234 Comments

Now that you’ve been following me and you’re seeing neutral undertones EVERYWHERE, chances are high you can now see why certain combinations in your home don’t look right. Don’t worry! There are fixes for everything! I’m here for you.

Help! My bathroom has 3 different undertones!

I got this note from a follower along with good photos of her bathroom (BTW if you want your room or exterior to be considered for my Colour Rescue Series, be sure to send in good photos!) 

Maria, I have three conflicting undertones in my bathroom help!

Updating a dated bathroom

What if you can’t renovate yet?

Don’t we all have a bathroom in our house we need to eventually renovate? But in the interim, we’d like it to looks as good as possible?

Because the kitchen and living spaces should always be top priority, and less used bathrooms not so much.

There are so many good interim fixes though if you know how to make colour and styling work for you.

See how the walls look too grey with the tile in her bathroom?

Can you tell what the undertone of the tile is? What about the paint colour?

Maria Killam Colour Wheel Landing Page

My Understanding Undertones Neutral Colour Wheel

Hop over the my YouTube channel to see what the undertone problem is and my options for fixing this bathroom.

** We need YOUR colour rescue! Send me well-lit, straight photographs with your question to [email protected]. **

Did you know that neutrals aren’t really neutral at all?

A “close enough” colour will easily look wrong once it’s up on the walls and that slight difference in undertone is suddenly a way bigger deal.

That’s why getting neutrals right takes some strategy. 

I’ve got that mapped out for you and you can get it all in just 2 days with me!

If you’re tackling a home project the best skill you can have is knowing how to avoid installing finishes that clash or date quickly.

AND you need to know what to choose first, and what comes next to make sure everything is perfectly coordinated.

It’s all in my 2-day Expert Colour & Design Training!

Plus! You’ll get real life problem solving tools for when the undertones aren’t perfect but you need to live with them. I’ll show you which elements in your space you need to pay attention to when you have competing undertones. And how many neutral undertones you can get away with in one space.

Create your dream business or design your dream home!

Work with me this fall to learn how to make timeless choices (especially in kitchens and bathrooms where it counts), how to navigate the trends, and everything you need to know about choosing colour for any project in my two-day Expert Colour & Design Training. 

And, most of all, I would love to see you IN PERSON! 

🇨🇦 Join my exclusive Vancouver session right here at my house in October! (this session is VERY limited)

🇺🇸 Or come visit me in Dallas if that’s a better fit in November! 

Book now. The early bird rate and bonuses go away TUESDAY, September 5!

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  • Penny says:

    Practical solutions!

  • Lisa says:

    Loved this video! Your courses helped me understand immediately that my newly chosen remodeled bathroom, clean, clashed horribly with the dirty hallway colors on the wall and carpet. The hallway is small so I painted that a complex cream (SW Navajo white if I recall) and the clean white penny tile with bright grout got a rug with clean white and dirty taupe color. Paid a mint for that little rug from Frontgate but it brought it all together. Also changed the shower curtain from white to cream. We eventually changed the carpet in the hall to a lighter LVP and the house in now perfect. The only thing left to “Maria” is my exterior. Appreciate the sharing of your knowledge Maria!

  • Julie says:

    SUCH practical guidance for fixed finishes we inherit! Thank you, Maria.

  • H says:

    Great video! I’m not sure if the three undertones were all spelled out, but I thought I spotted yellow beige and orange beige as well as the big pink beige. My first thought was to paint the orange beige vanity a color that would harmonize with a pink beige floor, although that’s a big commitment for some people, and decorating is a lot cheaper and faster!

    I would HEARTILY agree on replacing the tile with cream subway tile!!! We had a dated bathroom with an unflattering tile (and the “accent” tiles were off-center to boot!). I did NOT want to wake up every day and see that tile. The tub/shower, thankfully, was white. Replacing the unflattering tile with white subway tile is the ONE thing we did. It cost about $1,200 for a pro to do it, and the new tile transformed the space. I didn’t have to touch anything else, and the house sold lightning fast years later.

    I’m loving these videos! And I’m making mood boards for EVERYTHING as we decorate our new house. 🙂


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