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Maria’s Bungalow

The renovation of this home included a complete overhaul of the gardens in the front and backyard. Colour is timeless and this home is a testament to that mantra!

Maria’s Garden & Studio

An all white flower garden is truly spectacular and elegant. There’s something I just love about the restraint and drama of a green and white combination and how a white garden becomes magical at night. Occasionally you’ll find yellow blooms mixed in, too.

Timeless Black & White Bathroom

Black and white bathrooms can be a timeless update. But the details are what matters – to get it right. Get a closer look at the design details that make this family bathroom renovation timeless.

eDesign Exteriors

I’ve helped hundreds of eDesign clients make timeless updates to their home’s exterior. Here are some of my favourites coupled with the best design lessons I’ve learned over the last few decades.

Kids Bedroom Makeovers

Here’s a closer look at some before and after photos of kids bedroom designs that not only carve out space for these kids’ interests but will also grow tastefully with them as they mature.

Cecil Ridge Estate

Two walls of sheers in the master ensuite, were a great way to hide the small windows. Cognac and Pink complete this suite of rooms.

Promontory Hill

This couple built their home in the Tuscan trend and then watched the trends change again. Since this is their forever home, this renovation focused on creating classic, timeless and colourful interiors.

The Library Room

This room in my sister’s home was narrow and awkward for furniture placement. Enter, four wing chairs plus much needed storage. It transformed the room so much you won’t want to miss the befores.

Haverman Estate

My client had built seven homes with her husband and each time it seemed there wasn’t enough in the budget to decorate. Until this home.

Summer House

This client bought the property next door to their home and built a home away from home with a swimming pool that meant they never needed to get in the car and drive. When you see their view you’ll understand.

Coopers Lookout

This young lawyer wanted an interior to reflect her favourite colours green and purple! See what we did with this rental that still added a splash of colour!

Yaletown Condo

A colourful contemporary downtown condo that was decorated to suit the lifestyle of a lawyer and her scientist husband!

Woodland Park

This couple planned to renovate before they downsized in a few years, after their son went off to university but they wanted to enjoy their home NOW.