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Masterclass For
Exterior Colour Selection

Feeling overwhelmed with all the decisions you need to make for your exterior project?

Whether you are building your dream home or remodeling your existing exterior, one misguided choice can easily turn into a cascade of wrong decisions.

You need to know which decisions come first AND which elements are worth investing in so you can create a classic and timeless exterior you’ll love forever.

I understand how overwhelming these decisions can be, which is why I condensed my 25 years of experience into a collection of indispensable, no-nonsense video lessons you can watch over and over again.

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how to choose colour for your exterior

And let’s be real, you don’t want to mess this up.

Your builder or client is counting on you to make the right choices, and you don’t want to be the reason for an expensive mistake (while the neighbors watch).

Every time you think you’ve got it figured out, another question pops up and you’re back to square one.

Here’s the thing, when it comes to exteriors, there are only a few colour options that will work well with the fixed elements you’re dealing with.

In this Exterior Colour Selection Masterclass you’ll learn how to quickly narrow down your options and confidently make the right choices – without feeling paralyzed by indecision or the fear of expensive mistakes.

And not only that, you’ll know how to explain WHY your choices are the right ones. No more losing sleep over endless options and colours.

This course is the most direct route to nailing your exterior project with my colour expert guidance so you can feel confident and excited about your exterior project.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

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Make The Right Decision

Every Choice is a Colour Decision

Whether you’re building a new home or improving your existing one, exterior design decisions are daunting. Did you know that every selection for your exterior is a COLOUR decision first? And that no one selection is independent of any other colour or finish, newly chosen or existing, on your home?

This means you need to understand how to coordinate colour, AND know which elements should be considered FIRST to get it right. It also means that one less-than-optimal selection can undermine the entire look of your home’s exterior – and lead to a less-than-pretty outcome. It’s easy to spot these exterior mistakes in any neighbourhood.

Keep It Simple

Narrow Down Your Choices

The most valuable lesson you’ll gain from this online training is how to narrow down your choices to a select and optimal few. This will empower you to make THE RIGHT selections for your exterior, and eliminate the fear of making an expensive mistake.

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20 Years Worth of Advice
(in one convenient course)

Loaded with expert insight, advice and visual examples, this course will teach you how to eliminate guesswork and coordinate exterior colours effectively. Using her acclaimed System for Specifying Colour, Maria will teach you how to achieve a classic and timeless exterior.

Get ready to make your neighbors envious.


“Your guidance helped immensely with what is generally overwhelming and scary. We are so happy with the result!”

Maria Killam - After Maria Killam - Before

Just take a look at this transformation from one of my Exterior Colour Selection Masterclass students.


“The masterclass was so helpful in planning our exterior changes, which included dormer, windows, roof, gutters, front door, garage doors, and paint.”

Online Masterclass for Exterior Colour Selection

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Masterclass For Exterior Colour Selection

Here’s What You’ll Learn

All of these modules are designed around things Maria wishes she had known sooner when she started consulting on exterior colour. She’s giving you the fast track and has even created quizzes and worksheets to help you put what you’ve learned into action. 

Don’t like surprises? Here’s a sneak peek at what’s covered in the video lessons:


Module 1: Getting Started

This is Point A on the road map for choosing exterior colour effectively. Start with the right considerations, end with a beautiful result.

Module 2: How We’re Influenced By Trends

Regardless of how much we try to be mindful, we are all influenced by trends. It’s like the air we breathe. This module will give you insight into the trend cycles for exterior colour. Where we’ve been, where we are currently, and how to create a timeless look now.

Module 3: All About the Black & White Exterior Trend

This is the most overarching exterior colour trend we’ve ever seen. Get my professional opinion on how to do it well and avoid the pitfalls of the trend.

NEW! Module 3A: Anything But Stark White

In this module I’ve also included the pale neutral that’s much better than stark white and I’m sharing the two styles of homes that can still be white. Although I would avoid using it for the next 10 years because it’s overdone.

Module 4: The Colour of Timeless Stone (Why It’s Important for you to know)

Stone is the single BOSSIEST element you can install on your exterior. The colours of your stone dictate your exterior palette forever. This module will show you the most timeless and versatile undertone for stone, so you’re not forced to use a colour palette that is earthier than you want.

Module 5: Windows – Your First Step in a New Build

Window colour is the first colour decision you’ll need to make for your exterior. Windows are a big investment. DO NOT simply choose black because everyone is doing it right now. Window colour is a key consideration that defines your exterior colour options.

Module 6: Classic Brick + Stone – When to combine it or paint it

Good combinations of stone and brick are extremely rare. While it is cleaner to stick with only one or the other, many HOAs require a combination of stone AND brick. This module will help you get it right. It will also help you decide when it is time to paint your dated brick to open up your options.

Module 7: The Best Exterior Paint Colours by Undertone

Here is the definitive guide for using my System for Specifying Colour™ for exteriors. It is the ultimate cheat sheet to the best exterior colours in each neutral undertone, complete with photos of homes painted in each colour.

Module 8: Trim and Garage Doors – Create the Right Contrast & Balance

The right trim colour can make or break the look of your house. This module is full of tips and insights into getting the contrast just right. It will help you decide what will look more balanced, a garage door that blends vs. one that is painted to stand out.

Module 9: The Most Versatile Roof Colours

My favorite roof shingle colours and how to choose the perfect timeless roof for your house.

Module 10: Best Front Door Colours

A curated collection of front door colour inspiration.

Module 11: Shutters – When they work, when they don’t and the best colours

Shutters don’t work for every style of window, and like trim, they are an important consideration to creating a balanced look. And, all this would be considered before you even pick the right shutter colour. Find my favorites here.

Module 12: Curb Appeal begins with Landscaping + How To Test Exterior Paint Colours

Landscaping to exteriors is what decorating is to interiors. Never get stuck thinking that you need to create all the interest in exterior colours and claddings alone. Always reserve a healthy budget for a professionally designed landscape. This module will show you why.

Module 13: Porch, Deck, Fencing, and Paving

In this module, I will share my best colour tips for creating beautiful transition spaces between your interior and exterior including perfect columns and railings, decking, and paving for timeless porches, decks, and patios.

Module 14: What Would Maria Do With THIS House (Before & After)

In this module, I will share what I’m thinking to arrive at the final colour specifications for real houses from my readers.

Module 15: What Would Maria Do with THIS Patio + Fence (Before & After)

It happens all the time, people make changes to their exterior and stop before they consider the outdoor areas and how they relate and transition from the interior. Again, these will be real houses from my readers to help you make your home that fills you with joy when you see it!

Module 16: Stone Placement

Is stone necessary on your new build or exterior renovation? One thing you SHOULD question is whether your plans should include ALL the stone that has been specified and most important, IS IT BALANCED? You’ll also see the style of home that should NEVER be black.
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Key Facts About Exterior Colour

Exterior colours get 2-3 times lighter and brighter (washed out).

This means the world of white and cream can be expanded to include pale shades of green beige and green grey. White belongs with pale and clean colours, such as greys and blacks. Cream belongs with earth tones, such as beige and brown.

The 3 biggest mistakes people make with exterior colour:


Combining clean and dirty colours or getting the neutral undertones wrong

If you choose a blue for your house and it is too clean it will scream ‘crazy person’ lives here. Your neighbors will be cranky about the house on the street that sticks out like a neon sign.


Constantly worrying that their house will look boring

It’s common to worry that you need to create all kinds of “interest” on your exterior to increase the curb appeal. The problem is, if you throw a mix of interesting finishes and colours onto your house, it will just look disjointed, like you couldn’t make up your mind. For a classic and timeless look, less is more. Learn which elements really are worth investing in to make your house look it’s best.


There’s too much or not enough contrast with trim

If the trim is too stark, it will be jarring to look at and will likely cheapen the look of your exterior.

If the trim doesn’t provide sufficient contrast, or is too yellowed, it will look dirty and drab. Learn my best tips for getting this tricky, but critical part, of choosing exterior colour right every time.

Choosing classic and timeless colours and finishes is key to a house you’ll love for years to come.


Here’s What You’ll Get

I know investing in yourself can be scary. But, if this course SAVES you the cost of one mistake, you will be thousands of dollars ahead just by taking my online training.

18 Highly-Focused Video Lessons

($4250 Value)

Step-By-Step Exterior Worksheets + Quizzes

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Ability To Choose/Specify Exterior Colour with Confidence
And Raise Your Prices as a Pro


BONUS: Maria’s Go-To Book of Exterior Paint Colours

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BONUS: Exterior Masterclass Private Facebook Group
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Frequently Asked Questions

I need help choosing my exterior colours, should I buy your Exterior masterclass? Or one of your eDesign packages?

This course has been created for the design professional or the do-it-yourselfer. If you have a pretty straightforward exterior, you can confidently get the answer from doing the masterclass with little or no design experience.

And, if you are design-savvy already, the masterclass can help you confidently choose colour for a more complicated exterior.

If you have no design experience and your exterior looks like a difficult project to get right, we recommend trying our edesign packages so that you also get the answer to “why these colour choices are correct” because the advice will be specific to YOUR home.

This course will give you the full scope of what you need to know and consider to successfully choose colour for any exterior.

And, if you still need help and reassurance in choosing colours after you purchase this masterclass, we can give you a coupon for $100 to be applied towards an exterior eDesign package.

I am a complete novice when it comes to choosing colour, will this course really be all I need to get my exterior colours right?

Most of the time, the novice simply doesn’t know where to begin and which factors to take into consideration. This masterclass will walk you through where to START. And once you know where to begin, you can also learn how to apply the Killam Colour System to your exterior.

Plus, a cheatsheet of the BEST exterior paint colours for Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams in each undertone category is included! This will help you quickly narrow down your options to the perfect colour palette.

And if you still need further reassurance you are on the right track, after you purchase this masterclass, we can give you a coupon for $100 to be applied towards an exterior eDesign package so Maria can review your selections.

What if my house is the exception to the rules? What if this advice does not apply to my specific house?

Honestly, in my experience, it is most likely that your house is NOT the exception to the universal principles of good exterior colour covered in this Masterclass.

And even if you do want to break the rules, it’s important that you know them well enough first so you can do so with awareness. Otherwise, you will be experimenting blind and the results are not likely to be pretty.

For a classic and timeless look, less is more. Learn which elements really are worth investing in to make your house look it’s best.

What if I’m under time constraints and need to make my selections ASAP? Will I have time to absorb the information in this class?

The course is divided into convenient modules so you can watch the module you need immediately. However, it’s BEST to view the entire set of video lessons in the correct order, which you can do in a couple of sittings if you are pressed for time.

Remember, you can easily go back and quickly watch any module topic you need immediate clarity on.

We are working with a builder that offers limited options, or an HOA with restrictions on the colours and claddings we can use. Will the suggestions in this course still be useful?

When you are working with a builder, or need to present your selections to a board or HOA, it’s best to have well thought out and coordinated colours and selections that are difficult to argue with.

And once you have finished the Masterclass, you will have more conviction that your choices are right. This means you’ll be less susceptible to being influenced in other directions, which is a common challenge homeowners face.

Is this the same course you released 8 years ago?

This course is brand new. It’s NOT an update to the last exterior webinar from 8 years ago. It’s much more comprehensive with 16 modules covering each section of an exterior.

You can watch the module you need immediately with lifetime access to the course forever AND free updates inside the current trend cycle (trends last approximately 7-10 years depending on where you live).

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s backed by my 30-day 100%, money-back, happiness guarantee. You can try the entire course at ZERO risk to you.

And it comes with lifetime access, along with free updates inside the current trend cycle.

Everything about exteriors that I’ve learned, tested and perfected, is packed into this course.

And now it can all be yours.

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