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eBooks Sale

These eBooks are complete step-by-step guides for identifying neutrals and whites in your home, choosing a colour palette for your decorating, and how to test paint colours properly. They are included in the Killam Colour System (above) or when you purchase any set of large painted colour board samples.

The eBooks are also helpful for understanding how to use the neutral colour wheel.

Neutral Colour Wheel 

If you want clarity on neutral undertones or whites for anything in your home, you need a neutral colour wheel to identify them.

Colour Boards Sale

If you want to narrow down your paint colours for any project, you need a curated collection of the best paint colour samples for your home.

For designer-approved ideas on how to store your large painted colour boards, check out THIS LINK.

Self-Guided Online Courses Sale

If you want to learn how to create mood boards for decorating your home, take the Shop Online with Colour Confidence course. 

If you need to choose colour and claddings for your home’s exterior, take the Exterior Colour Selection Masterclass.
⚠️ LAST CHANCE TO BUY IN 2023! This course won’t be available to purchase again until Spring 2024.

eDesign Sale

Let me help you choose the right colour and share my expert decorating advice for your next project.


** This is just a list of our eDesign services marked down for our biggest sale of the year. Find a complete list of eDesign services here.

In-Person & Virtual Events – Expert Colour & Design Training